Solutions for Businesses

Expand your business to the USA within a month.

If not now, then when?

The ONE Sports Business Hub is dedicated to supporting promising sports industry start-ups in their international expansion. As an alliance of like-minded and innovative organizations, ONE serves as the North American entrepreneurial hub for cutting-edge sports businesses, driven by the motto ‘From Players, for Players.’

Through our extensive network in North America and Europe, we provide selected companies and their founders with local expertise, diverse training programs, workshops, and personalized coaching and consulting services. Participants in our programs also gain direct access to our global network of partners. We tailor our programs to the unique needs of each start-up, helping them thrive in the international market.


We are Europeans living and working in the USA, with expertise in optimizing regulations, navigating limitations, and reducing high startup costs for entering the U.S. market.

Business Consulting

With our experience in the U.S., we can identify the right solutions for your business.

Access to Global Network

Utilize the global ONE network to connect with potential investors and partners, enabling you to scale your business.


Recruit highly qualified interns, trainees, and employees based in the U.S. who possess Bachelor's or Master's degrees and bilingual language skills. Visa support is provided for international employees.

Co-Work Space

The ONE Sports Business Hub is situated in West Palm Beach, Florida, and Los Angeles, California.