Our vision is to establish a European Sports Industry “Silicon Valley” where innovation, teamwork, and information exchange are not only expected but also actively promoted by like-minded sports companies in one of the fastest-growing business sectors. United by a passion for sports, we strive to become stronger together.

WARUBI Sports is a full-service soccer management company that assists players in navigating various issues related to their collegiate and professional careers. Additionally, we collaborate with the DFB to organize and host youth soccer camps.


Matchmetrics is a digital product and service company that offers cutting-edge data, analytics, and interfaces for clients in the sports, media, betting, and gaming industries.

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Want to play college sports?

Athletes USA is the premier Sports Scholarship Agency globally, boasting a vast college recruiting network of over 20,000 college coaches across 20 different sports within the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA.

The Live Content Platform

Utilize cutting-edge technology designed for professional reporters and communicators. Collaborate, curate, and publish your live news, sports, or events seamlessly, eliminating the challenges associated with other content management systems.

Common Goal is a pledge-based charitable movement initiated by streetfootballworld for the football industry. It was launched with the support of Spanish footballer Juan Mata.

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1.FC Köln is a professional football club located in Cologne, Germany. The club, often known as the “Billy Goats,” was founded in 1948 and competes in the Bundesliga, the highest division of German football. In addition to their professional team, FC Köln is proud to possess a renowned youth academy and an international football school.

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"I love how ONE provides me with the tools to grow my business. For starters, their exclusive services have helped me to gain valuable employees and diversify and grow as a team."
Mirko Ronge
CEO Matchmetrics
"For several years, I have scaled my organization, hosted successful events, and, most importantly, made lifelong friends all within the ONE ecosystem."
David Rueda
CEO Athletes USA
"Our app launch in the U.S. has been very smooth, thanks to the synergies within the ONE network. There's something empowering about working in a space where you are encouraged to create brilliant ideas, with the support of a team of people who want you to succeed."
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Our Story

We bring over 10 years of experience from living, studying, and working in the US market to the table.

When we established the ONE Sports Business Hub in 2017, our aim was not just to create an accelerator program, but to build a community and an alliance for companies that share a common passion for sports.

Our team consists of dedicated individuals, including current and former international professionals, college players, entrepreneurs, and coaches. Together, we are committed to collaborating with you to create something extraordinary on a global scale.

Our Values

Inspired: We pursue our passions and feel connected to something greater than ourselves.

Entrepreneurial: We are innovators, leaders, and self-motivated individuals. We embrace new challenges and are not afraid of failure.

Authentic: We stay true to our brand, mission, and values. We acknowledge our imperfections and strive for honesty and transparency.

Tenacious: We refuse to settle. We persevere and excel in our work. We overcome obstacles with determination – even if it means breaking down walls.

Together: We are united. Collaboration is key. We support and care for one another. We empathize with each other, recognizing our shared humanity. We understand that we cannot succeed alone. WE ARE ONE.