Solutions for Individuals

Expand your network, gain valuable work experience in the USA, and enhance your resume.

Access to a Global Network

Leverage the global ONE network to gain access to potential employers and prospective business partners.


Boost your resume and set yourself apart from the competition by acquiring new skills and improving your language proficiency.

Co-Work Space

The ONE Sports Business Hub is situated in the picturesque locations of West Palm Beach, Florida, and Los Angeles, California.


As Europeans living and working in the USA, we have acquired expertise in optimizing regulations, navigating limitations, and mitigating costs associated with entering the U.S. market.

If not now, then when?

The ONE Sports Business Hub supports promising individuals in gaining work experience in the USA through workshops, trainee programs, or internships.

As an alliance of like-minded and innovative organizations, ONE serves as the North American entrepreneurial hub for cutting-edge sports businesses.

Through our network in North America and Europe, we provide selected individuals with local expertise, diverse training programs, workshops, and intensive coaching and consulting. Additionally, program participants gain direct access to our global network of partners.

Our programs are customized to meet the specific needs of each individual start-up, helping them successfully enter the international market.

Give your career a boost!

Initiate your career, secure employment, or acquire valuable experience with one or more of our esteemed partners.